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New Version Available??

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  • New Version Available??


    Caught me napping....just noticed that v. is available as an upgrade. Can you talk about the features that have been added or bugs fixed? I appreciate IR maintaining the committment to their products. Just maybe that little menu bar at startup has disappeared.....

    I ready for the upgrade. Thanks again.


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    Re: New Version Available??

    Here is an excerpt from the readme.txt file that describes the changes. Note that V3.0.0.3 and v3.0.0.4 were released within days of eachother due to a small bug. For all intents and purposes, they are one release:

    v3.0.0.3: February 21, 2001
    - Made changes to the Execute Program action. The "Wait for Return" option will now wait for executables that call multiple OLE objects.
    - Variables in the text of Text Box objects are now expanded at runtime. The text is checked for variables every time that the page containing the Text Box is loaded or when the Refresh action is performed.
    - Fixed a potential font problem that could occur after running the menu in preview mode.
    - Fixed a bug where, if at design time the project's Startup Page was deleted, the menu would crash when run.
    - When the sound open/select dialog is closed, it will now terminate any sound that was playing.
    - Made changes to the way the menu is initially sized. This eliminates any chances of a resize flash and a very obscure menu sizing bug.
    - Fixed a bug in the Splash/Credits screens where it would not account for the window border. This could cause several pixels of the image not to be displayed.
    - Fixed a bug where at runtime tooltips would appear for objects that were hidden.

    v3.0.0.4: February 27, 2001
    - Fixed a bug that occurred when running a menu in full screen mode.
    - Fixed a bug where the background color would not appear if "Bitmap Image - Resample" was selected and the menu is run in full screen mode.

    - Brett


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      Re: New Version Available??

      Hi. Thanks for the information. I just downloaded the version from the download site and as I opened it, noticed it said "trial version". Is this correct? How does a registered user manage this upgrade?

      Just wanted to ask before I installed, to make sure I downloaded the correct one. and wouldn't have problems later. Too many important projects....




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        Re: New Version Available??

        You have downloaded the incorrect file; the file that you downloaded is the evaluation copy. You will find the update at this address:
        Download that and everything will workout properly.

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