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  • PopUp Text Box Quandry


    I am trying to have small descriptive text boxes popup on a table of contents page. The user can click on a chapter and a textbox briefly explaining the content will show. Given 10 chapters and trying to get all this on one page, I have "stacked" the textboxes on top of each other, hiding each box until mouse clicked.

    Okay, here the problem: once built and run, the textboxes "flash" as the page opens. They work fine, but the appearance of these hidden boxes is not acceptable.

    Questions: Is there a better way to do this sort of thing? Am I missing something here?

    I'm open to suggestions. BTW, the text is white on a blue background with about six or seven textboxes "stacked" on each other.

    I hope all this makes sense. I would appreciate any response. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: PopUp Text Box Quandry

    I believe I understand what you're faced with here. I also have multiple boxes on top of one another. I switch between several pages and when I go back to the one with the hidden boxes, there's a brief flash when the page loads before they hide. Since I switch between many pages back and forth, I always make sure I hide all the boxes upon page leaving. Now, this doesn't solve my problem of the "flash" the first time I go to the page. I have kind of solved this. I create a "white box" that I place on top of the boxes I want hidden. I make sure the white box is the front object. Then, upon page open, I hide all the boxes, then I hide the white box. The flash is still happening, but you can't see it becauase of the white box. Now, I understand there are circumstances that this won't take care of, but it's about as good as I've been able to come up with.

    Mark: Do you know if this is something that may be resolved in a future version?



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      Re: PopUp Text Box Quandry


      thanks for this workaround. I haven't thought to add an additional box to mask the others. I assume the user will see the "white box" flash which will cover the others. Maybe making it the same background as the page might do the trick, since I use a dj background.

      Not bad. Thanks for the tip. I'll try it. There seems to be this flash problem even in the latest upgrade with hidden text. Well, I'm sure IR will eventually work it out.

      Thanks again. cya.