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Screen Resolution - Best Practices??

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  • Screen Resolution - Best Practices??


    I'm building a project scaled to 800x600 using all the accompanying graphics, backgrounds, etc. that work fine at that resolution. However, some of my "techno" (geek-like) friends all have their screen resolution set to something like: 1024x768 or smtg.

    What are your suggestions for resolution and building & running a project? If I continue with 800x600, then if a user has 1024x, then the project is surrounded by white space and looks small & less than attractive. (Using full screen project mode).

    I have made a disclaimer on the project that 800x600 should be set.....but....

    What are other's thoughts here? Is there a typical resolution that most are using? Can I adapt something here I'm not aware of?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Screen Resolution - Best Practices??

    One thing you could do, if it's not too much of a problem, is build two different menus. One for the 800x600 and another one for the 1024x768. For example, build your menu for 800x600. This would be the one you call out in your autorun. The first thing that is checked is the resolution.
    If the %ScreenWidth%=800 then continue running. If %ScreenWidth%=1024 then run the "other" menu by using the Execute Command. Execute the other menu you've set up for the higher resolution, be sure to close down the 800x600 menu. Hope this helps. One other thought is that you could set up your menu with a "nice" background image and just run the original menu that you configured for 800x600. If you run it in a full screen mode then at least the higher resolution users would see something other than just white.

    Good Luck. If you need an example of the first idea using two different sizes, I'm sure I could come up with something and email to you.

    Tony Bybee


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      Re: Screen Resolution - Best Practices??


      Thanks! These are excellent suggestions. I can't see creating a second menu, because I am maxing the limit on the CD with this particular menu (given the video, etc.). If there is no big addition of size, (excluding video, etc.) just for one additional 1024 page for every 800 page, then again, this might work. (Currently, have 70 pages) I guess I could experiment here.

      However, adding a larger background that integrates around the pages and appears part of the menu might just work. I will have to play with this idea, too.

      If you would have to guess, what is the most common screen resolution currently used? My new laptop is set at the 1024 res., but my desk tops are set for 800x600. Any thoughts?

      Thanks again.


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        Re: Screen Resolution - Best Practices??

        I stick with 640X480 just for the reason that I know my audience (usually NOT computer literate) do not have their screen size set any different from the manufacturer settings. And alot of my users have older systems and older monitors. I do not like having to work like that, but know the target audience is a must in my business.


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          Re: Screen Resolution - Best Practices??

          Let me just say that this has been one of my biggest problems that I run into. I think you who have this same problem will like me.

          I found a program called AniRez that is a stand alone program that sets a users resolution before the program starts. After burning the CD this is what the contents look like:

          Untitiled (folder with data)

          On the CD every thing looks familiar if you know AutoPlay except the last two: AniRez.ini and AniRezDemo.exe

          You start the AniRez editor and in a few steps that are easy to follow you are ready to burn. All you have to do is change the autorun.inf to start on the AniRez.exe first and then the AniRez.exe changes your resolution to what ever you set it at and then it starts your AutoPlay .exe
          When you exit out of your AutoPlay .exe AniRex automaticly changes your resolution back to what it was.

          Sorry if I sound confusing but it is really easy and it works. I tried it and had to tell you people. They offer a free demo download that has a nag screen but it only cost $10 if you decide it is for you. Here is the link:


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            Re: Screen Resolution - Best Practices??

            AGRO! The man!

            This was a welcomed post. I have tried the software out and immediately ordered it. If everything works out well, this will solve the resolution problem. The way it seems to work is a shortened version (without all the screen boxes asking questions) of how one would change their resolution under win95/98. Only the clicking/popping sounds as the resolution changes..once at the beginning of the project and at the end.

            This is a vital piece of software for builders who distribute their AMS projects. I wonder if IR might attempt to add this or attempt their own version in future updates?

            In any case, you are right! We like you.


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              Re: Screen Resolution - Best Practices??

              I had a feeling someone would like this program. I have been using it for about a week and it has worked fine in all applications for me so far. (knock on wood)

              For $10 it is worth it.


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