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Build Error: OutPutFonts.

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  • Build Error: OutPutFonts.

    In looking at the FAQ doument for AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0 I am receivng the same error referenced in the very first FAQ. Build Error: OutPutFonts. However I am getting it when I am running a Preview rather than a build. So the answer regarding the DATA directory does not apply. I will not get this error the first time I run Preview, but I will get it with any subsequent attempts to run preview.

    Backing out of AutoPlay and reloading it does not help. I actually have to restart my computer to clear the problem. Any idea of what may be happening and what I need to do so it will not happen again?

    Thanx in advance,
    David Kay

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    Re: Build Error: OutPutFonts.

    What you should try doing is clean out your SYSTEMS TEMPORARY directory and then restart your system. Also clean out the directory specified for Temporary Files in EDIT -> PREFERENCES, if it is not the same as the your SYSTEM TEMPORARY directory.
    If this does not seems to solve the problem try storing your TEMPORARY files in a different directory, so change the path in EDIT -> PREFERENCES.

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      Re: Build Error: OutPutFonts.

      Thank you, that did the trick.