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Autoplay 3.0 Mutilple CD's

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  • Autoplay 3.0 Mutilple CD's

    Is it possible to create a autoplay that uses more than one cd to install applications, by specifing the name of the cd or something.


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    Re: Autoplay 3.0 Mutilple CD's

    This is possible but it is slightly complicated, what I would do is put a simple TEXT file on the ROOT of each CD. So CD1 would have a TEXT file called: CD1.TXT with some text in it and the second CD would have a text file called: CD2.TXT, with some different text.
    Now before the execution of anything on CD2 (or CD1) I would search %SrcDrv% ONLY for the existence of CD2.TXT. If it exists I would execute the program, if it does not I would show a Pop-up Dialog that tells the user to insert the second CD-ROM.
    You would have to use the same basic structure for actions that Execute programs off of CD1, just incase the user has the second CD in.
    You should also burn the exact same AutoPlay menu to each CD (make sure to include some method so that once one AutoPlay menu has started no others will start) that way the user will be able to browse the AutoPlay menu regardless of what CD-ROM is in the drive.
    You will have to play around with a lot of these settings in order to get them all working correctly, but it is possible.

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      Re: Autoplay 3.0 Mutilple CD's

      Thanks. I will give it a go


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        Re: Autoplay 3.0 Mutilple CD's

        I am also very interested in this topic and will will try to experiment with the proposed procedure.

        Let's share information.