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Acrobat Reader install hangs with Autoplay

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  • Acrobat Reader install hangs with Autoplay

    I really like this program, but I'm just not having a good day today.

    I have a text link to install Acrobat Reader from my menu. If you click it, it asks if you wish to continue, and if 'yes', proceeds to install Acrobat.

    When you select 'yes', Acrobat unpacks fine, but at the point it gets to actually installing, it stops and crashes the AMS menu, minimizing it permanently. With a right-click_>Close, the AMS button on the task bar produces a 'This program is not responding' box. Clicking 'Close Now' closes the AMS menu and Acrobat immediately continues installation.

    I discovered it on a friend's computer and it does the same thing here at home.

    I tried adding a 'close/exit' statement to the link after the acrobat setup .exe but it didn't work.

    The weird thing is that if you have the AMS menu open and manually activate the Acrobat setup file, it seems to work fine. It just doesn't work when executed from the AMS menu.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Acrobat Reader install hangs with Autoplay

    OK, nevermind, sorry.

    I unchecked 'Wait for Return' on the 'Execute Program' action for the Acrobat setup .exe file and it's working now. Phew!


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      Re: Acrobat Reader install hangs with Autoplay

      Actually, Nylon66, that problem has been fixed in the latest release of AMS. Now you should be able to check the "Wait for Return" option for any executable and it should never hang. You can get a free patch here: