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Position of QuickTime window

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  • Position of QuickTime window

    I'm using QuickTime to play a video file (*.mov) on my cd. I'd like the movie window to open up in the middle of the screen. Can anyone tell me how I can make this happen?
    At the moment it opens up in the top left hand corner (default position).The end-user would then have to drag the window to the center position. Funnily enough the menu title strip which pops up wth the first QT frame does show almost center.
    I'm using an image button to start things off (open document/ not play AVI). I also want to be able to place another image object to click and stop the QT video window playing?
    regards all.

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    Re: Position of QuickTime window

    Sorry but there really is no way to control the position of an external Window.

    As far as adding a button in AutoPlay that will stop the QuickTime, this also is not possible. The reason for this is because when you use the OPEN DOCUMENT action a separate program is started, in this case the QuickTime player. So the user will have to manually close the external program.

    The only other thing that I could think of would be to pass the QuickTime player a command line argument, which would tell it to close once the movie has finished.

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