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    I want the user to be able to click on a button and then load a .txt file and show in in the text box... If this is not possible that then how can i do it. I am on a dead line.. I messed up and told my boss that i found a program that would do what it does and he was nice enough to put a deadline on my butt argh... Anyway i need an info window about different products... please help....

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    Re: Text Box

    Sorry but it is not possible to load a Text file into a TEXT BOX in response to a mouse click.

    Instead what you could do is have more then one TEXT BOX OBJECT.

    Lets say that you have two products (Product A and Product B), and you want to display a different text file in a TEXT BOX for each. What I would do is create TWO TEXT BOX OBJECTS, one for Product A and the other for Product B.

    So instead of loading a text file into a TEXT BOX in response to a Mouse Click, we will show a specific TEXT BOX in response to a Mouse Click.

    Basically what you will do is HIDE both TEXT BOX OBJECTS on PAGE OPEN. Then when you click on Product A's button, you will HIDE Product B's TEXT BOX (if it is already hidden this will no matter) and SHOW Product A's TEXT BOX. And when you click on Product B's button, you will hide Product A's TEXT BOX and show Product B's TEXT BOX.

    Hopefully this help, if you need any more information feel free to contact me.

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