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  • Masking

    I have a page where the displayed text is one of 4 options, decided at run time on the results of an INI file read.
    In order that the intermediate text (mess) doesn't show to the user, I have created an image that overlays the area and 'covers' the text. Once the correct text has been displayed (and the redundant text hidden) the overlay mask is hidden.
    Thus the user only sees the correct text once its in place.
    HOWEVER; I now find that any 'hot spot' (Normal/Highlight image) action that was at a lower level (and now visible) is not working. Is this correct?


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    Re: Masking

    I'm not exactly sure about what you are describing.
    Your Page opens and an "initial" image is displayed, which "hides" the intermediate text. Then once the correct text has been displayed the "initial" image is hidden, making the correct text fully visible.
    Once that is finished the visible text no longer responds to Mouse Overs? I.E. it no longer changes colour, or the Highlight Image is no longer displayed?
    I have tried to replicate this on my system using v3.0.0.4 and have been unsuccessful so far. Perhaps you could send me a ZIP ARCHIVE of your project (created in AutoPlay under TOOLS -> CREATE ZIP ARCHIVE) so that I can test this first hand? You can send the ZIP ARCHIVE to: [email protected] .

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      Re: Masking

      Whoops ! Sorry
      Problem is elsewhere - just a timing coincidence.
      The entry to the screen causes window loss of focus - I thought I had lost the 'hover' functionality.
      Loss of focus appears to be because the 'start screen' executes an .exe to build and write an .ini file - which the page then uses to control displayed material.
      Despite the use of 'run minimised' the execute still 'flashes' a green dos box on screen and the autoplay menu screen loses focus. (Admittedly I have other active windows open but minimised). Is the only solution to shut ALL other windows?