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  • AVI Compression

    Hi there,

    I'm working on my first project using AMS, and it's working great! I have a couple AVI's to play, but I'm ignorant about computer videos. I've kept the AVI's uncompressed to this point, because I don't want to experience any lossy compression. But in the final build, I think I'll need to compress them. I made a test CD, and the uncompressed AVI's don't run very well. So my question is, What is the recommended compression algorithm for AVI's running in AMS? There are several options, and I'm clueless as to which one might work best. I'd sure appreciate any suggestions, and thanks!


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    Re: AVI Compression

    I think it is best to work with the compressions that come with Windows - even though they might not be the best, they will work on every computer...


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      Re: AVI Compression


      I agree with David on this one. Since APM's player will only recognize and play avi's AND if you intend to distribute your work, then using the ones discussed many times on this forum, works best. I have done quite a bit of work on this issue and for my money, when using only avi's, I go with Intel's IndeoR3.2, 15 frames per second, anywhere from 85 to 100% quality, keyframe every 4-15, and a data rate [email protected] 190KB/sec. The size of the video is also a factor. I don't expect full screen video and use <320x240. Sometimes using 248x188 depending on how many videos I'm using on the CD. (Space versus quality.....what can I say!....) Of course, screen resolution for your final product is also a consideration in making decisions re: video.

      Anyway, good luck with your video editing!

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        Re: AVI Compression

        With the coming release of version 4, you can use MPEG-1 video right inside your projects. Just a short time to wait now!
        Eric Darling
        eThree Media