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    How do I make/get (.exe) files?

    Take PowerPoint for example.....How do I get a presentation to have an (.exe) file extension...?

    Is there a separate program that these must be run through to become an (.exe) file...

    I understand how to Execute in Auto Play....but...that takes it to the EXE FOLDER but doesn't make the PowerPoint Presentation atually run??????

    Thanks for your help!

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    Re: exe files

    Sorry but your question has slightly confused me.
    Basically if you want an executable you will have to "generate" it. Just like in AutoPlay, when you are designing all you have is an AM3 file, then you use the build option to "generate" an executable.
    I have not used Power Point that often but I do not think that there is a method available that will allow you to generate a stand alone executable presentation.
    You might want to read this article: it describes how to use Power Point in conjunction with AutoPlay. It will actually allow you to run Power Point from a CD-ROM, the user does not need to have the program installed on their hard drive.

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