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  • Menu disappearing


    I have a problem with the menu on a CD created with autoplay, disappearing, almost like you clicked on exit, but you didn't. This happens consistently. Is there something I am missing.
    The menu has files to play videos, open web pages, and view a short tutorial. The disappearing menu happens throughout these pages, but not always at the same place. You can be moving your mouse over something and everything disappears.
    Thanks for the advice!

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    Re: Menu disappearing

    I have not heard of this problem before, what version of the software are you using? Are you using the latest commercial version, v3.0.0.4? What operation system are you running on? Does this occur on all different systems? Does it only occur once you burn to your CD-ROM, meaning that everything works properly when you preview?
    Perhaps you could create a ZIP ARCHIVE of your project (created in AutoPlay under TOOLS -> CREATE ZIP ARCHIVE) and send this to me so that I can witness this functionality for myself.

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      Re: Menu disappearing

      Thank you for your response Mark. I went over the menus with a fine tooth comb this morning and finally discovered the problem, me. Operator error can get you every time.
      Thanks again.