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  • Show message only once?


    I have a menu with an Install button that jumps to an install page. I can pop-up a message if you go to this Install page and Win NT is detected, but I don't want this same message to pop-up again even if you go back to the main page and then select Install again. If user ejects and re-inserts CD, pop-up message should again only show up once. I believe this can be done with variables, but haven't find a way. Any suggestions?

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    Re: Show message only once?

    You are correct; you should use variables in this case.

    Basically add an ASSIGN VALUE Action to PROJECT STARTUP. Assign the value of TRUE to your variable (for example) %ShowMsg%.

    Then go to your SHOW MESSAGE action and add the BOOLEAN CONDITION: "%ShowMsg% = TRUE".

    After your SHOW MESSAGE action add another ASSIGN VALUE Action. This time assign the value FALSE to your %ShowMsg% variable.

    So what happens is when your project startup up, %ShowMsg% get assigned the value of TRUE. Then when the SHOW MESSAGE action gets fired the Boolean condition: "%ShowMsg% = TRUE" will be correct. After that action %ShowMsg% will get the value of FALSE. Now the SHOW MESSAGE action will never fire because %ShowMsg% will have the value of FALSE.

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