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Executing a program flashes command window

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  • Executing a program flashes command window

    I am trying to run a program before my main menu is displayed but it flashes up a dos window when run and doesn't look very professional.

    Q. Is there any way to stop this happening and run the program in background i.e if I created a shortcut to the program and set to minimise it works ok, but can't create a shortcut on the fly.

    p.s the minimise option on AM3 run program doesn't seem to make any diffence.

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    Re: Executing a program flashes command window

    I tried executing a DOS based program, which caused a DOS window to briefly flash. I switched the RUN MODE to "Minimized" and the program minimized properly, meaning that I no longer saw any DOS Window flash.
    Which version of AutoPlay do you have? Version If you do not have you can download the patch from: .
    What OS are you testing on? I'm running WIN 2000 and everything seemed to work properly.

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      Re: Executing a program flashes command window

      I tried it again and found that if I have the 'Wait for Return' box checked it will flash. Taking this off and having windown minimised works o.k.

      Not sure if this will inpact me by not waiting to complete but we will see.