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INFO: The Difference Between Preview and Build

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  • INFO: The Difference Between Preview and Build

    INFO: The Difference Between Preview and Build

    INFO: The Difference Between Preview and Build

    Document ID: IR03005
    The information in this article applies to:
    • AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0


    This article explains the difference between preview and build AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0.



    During preview, %SrcDrv% gets expanded to the value of your Virtual CD-ROM Folder. If we set our Virtual CD-ROM Folder to: "C:\Virtual CD\", during preview %SrcDrv% gets expanded to: "C:\Virtual CD".

    If the file MyPDF.pdf exists with the following path: "C:\Virtual CD\docs\mypdf.pdf" and we reference MyPDF.pdf in AutoPlay Menu Studio using the target: "%SrcDrv%\docs\mypdf.pdf". AutoPlay Menu Studio will actually use the following path: "C:\Virtual CD\docs\mypdf.pdf" during preview. Since the file MyPDF.PDF exists in that location everything will work fine during preview.


    During a full build %SrcDrv% gets expanded to the "Source Drive," the root of the drive that the AutoPlay Menu is being executed on.

    For example if we execute an AutoPlay Menu from a CD-ROM in our E:\ drive, %SrcDrv% will be expanded to "E:" during runtime. But if your CD-ROM drive happens to be the D:\ drive, %SrcDrv% will be expanded to "D:".

    So the main difference between preview is how the variable %SrcDrv% is expanded. During preview it is expanded to the path to the Virtual CD-ROM Folder, and during build %SrcDrv% is expanded to the ROOT of the drive the AutoPlay Menu is running on.


    For more information please see the following topics in AutoPlay Menu Studio 4.0:

    • Command Reference | Built-In Variables | Built-In Variables
    • Command Reference | Virtual CD-ROM | Virtual CD-ROM Layout Screen

    • Users Guide | The Basics | Virtual CD-ROM Layout

    • Users Guide | Building and Distributing

    KEYWORDS: AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0, Preview, Build, %SrcDrv%

    Last reviewed: October 29, 2002
    Copyright © 2002 Indigo Rose Corporation. All rights reserved.