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Big Mistake with Legall rights

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  • Big Mistake with Legall rights

    Dear sirs or Madams,
    Several nights ago I downloaded by mistake a full copy of your audio menu maker. Seeing as you offer the full version for a period of time I thought I was getting that same limited time to use the program. Actually I felt it was just a link right off your site becuase when I tried to download off your site I was getting a slow connect.Trust me I appologize I did not know I was downloading an illegal copy of your product. Now heres where it gets tricky. My zip file came up with 4 diff files, so I thought that was a little wierd but I went ahead and installed it anyways. When I ran your program it told me to register so I did and I had a cd and serial key on a window in your program so i put that one in to register. I felt that the only reason why you where making us register was to keep a record and chart who uses your program. Then out of the blue you next page comes up that says I stole an account. At that point I realized it was a full ***** copy of your program that people have spent years and months creating. So with out objection I took it right out of my system!I feel bad, and trust me I did not know that it was a ***** copy. I guess If I had been smarter I would have relized it but im not good at that whole ***** thing, plus its illegal! So if you would like the site that i got it from I will tell u. I \m just hoping you wont prosocute me for an honest mistake. Im real sorry!
    P.S. Please resopnd cause this is got me worried!
    Thank you so much!

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    Re: Big Mistake with Legall rights


    Thank you for your honesty. Your explanation of what happened has been appended to our log files. You do not need to be concerned with further repercussions.

    I encourage you to try out a legitimate evaluation copy of AutoPlay Menu Studio by clicking on the Download button from our home page. This will ensure that you retrieve a full and proper evaluation copy of AutoPlay Menu Studio 3.0. We'd love to see you on board!