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  • Reboot or Logon

    I use this wonderful program to install programs from the network. Some of these programs require you to be logged on as the client. Other programs require you to be logged on as an administrator or use our client support accounts.

    My question is, is there a statement I can put in under properties or arguements that will make the computer (most are running Win2k but some still have NT4) reboot or log off current user?

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    Re: Reboot or Logon

    What you could do is use this variable:

    Whether or not the user of your setup is currently logged into Windows NT with Administrator permission. Returns "True" or "False". On non-Windows NT systems, this will always return "False".

    in order to bring up a message that will inform the user that they are not logged in as an administrator, and that they should be.
    There is no way to automatically restart their system, but you could make it so that your AutoPlay Menu automatically shuts down if they are not logged in as the administrator, this would occur after your message of course. This way the user will not be able to use your menu if they are not an administrator.


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