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  • Rebooting

    How does Automatic (Decide for me work) and when is the Variable %DoingReboot% set?

    My setup programme requires the installation of windows scripting. If this is not installed or not the latest version I update it using wscript55en.exe.

    Sometimes, when wscript.exe is run it requires a reboot to complete the installation (depending on which files were in use at time of installation). Will the Automatic option in Setup Factory recognise this need and reboot automatically?

    If not, I could possibly check to see whether a reboot were necessary by probing the registry and only then reboot. Can I manually reboot at the end of the install process depending on registry settings using setup factory?

    If not, any other suggestions would be welcome!


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    Re: Rebooting

    I believe that you meant to post this question in the Setup Factory forum, as opposed to the AutoPlay forum.

    Basically this is how the Automatic option works:
    The installation will automatically determine whether or not to restart the computer after the install. Usually the setup will not choose to reboot the system after setup. The primary reason that the system would be rebooted is if system files are in use during the setup. If this is the case, the only way to update those files is to update them on reboot. This is the default "After installation" option and should be selected in most cases.

    What I would suggest you do is execute the second installation after your Setup Factory installation has finished, that way if a REBOOT is necessary the "wscript55en.exe" installation is totally responsible for it.

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