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  • Lost files

    Help !!!

    I'm trialing v3.04.
    I've been working on a project and have successfully burn't the finished version onto many CD's.

    Problem. the other day i returned to the project, to burn another CD and as soon as the program opened it called an alert window telling me it could not load/locate most of the files ???

    I tried clicking on each to point to the source, but it would not have it. I checked the source location and all the files were there.

    Any ideas wht Autoplay has decied not to see some files.

    My project pages load, but some of the features are missing, I guess the pages that manage these are the cause. But why?Any help would be appreciated. this is a big project I do not wish to re-do.

    Thank , paul

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    Re: Lost files

    I'm not really sure why this is occurring. Are your files located on a Network Drive, or a local drive? Have the files themselves changed at all? I.E. have you edited them since you last built your project?
    What happens if you try re-pointing AutoPlay to the files? I.E. if an image for an IMAGE OBJECT cannot be found browse for it within AutoPlay. The next time you open the project does AutoPlay say that it cannot find the file again?
    What version of AutoPlay do you have?

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