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Project splitting help needed

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  • Project splitting help needed

    I have 4 product demo's (1 APM v3 project) that run in a loop for trade show use. I would now like to split this up and create one version that will play any of the 4 independently one version that allows user timing and interaction using my first project as the template. I am ok how to create the individual pages, my question is how can I best create a front end interface that gives the user selective access to 1) endless loop 2) a specific product 3) an interactive version? Should this be 3 different projects or can it all be done in a single project file? I have tried calling up each autorun file in the seperate project scenario, but it starts another occurance of the program which then has to be shut down. Sorry this is so lengthy, any help is appreciated.!

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    Re: Project splitting help needed

    What I would do is create three separate AutoPlay Menus, and then execute whichever menu the user wants from a “Main Menu”.
    So you would create one menu that is simply a front end, your “Main Menu” which gives the user the choice of which menu they want to view. Then once they select their menu simply execute that specific menu.
    You mentioned that you tried this but had some problems with "another occurrence" or the program starting up? I'm not exactly sure what you mean by that, perhaps if you clarify what is happening I could point you in the right direction.

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      Re: Project splitting help needed

      Thanks for the reply. In your scenario, when the user selects one of the three projects I would have it call up the autorun.exe for that project which in turn would start another occurance of the Auto Play program. Are you suggesting I stop the "front end" menu after they choose a project and then re-open it when they are done so they can access the other options if they want?

      I wanted to allow the user to return to the main menu or "front end" and not have multiple APM programs running. The only way I can see to do this (but it is a lot of work) is copy each page from the main loop into the same project and modify the start and end actions.

      On a related note, what would be the best way for a user to interrupt a looping demo and either pause it or pause and return to the "Front End".

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