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Using macro to open .doc

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  • Using macro to open .doc

    Here's the set-up:-I've created 2 documents in Word2000 for distribution via c.d. They are both in Master document format.I have to create 5 buttons on my cd splash screen 1)open file(1) on cd, 2)open file(2)on cd, 3)Print file(1), 4)Print file(2), 5)Save files to harddisk-->(with shorcut to second splash with 2 buttons 1)Open file1, 2)Open file2, 3)Print .docs (requires user to insert cd)
    Here's the question:Word requires 2 actions to view a Master Document.Open,ctrl+\(to expand sub-documents).How do I (or can I)enable this action with the "open file" button? Question 2, same for "Print file" button : Open, ctrl+\,Print ?

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    Re: Using macro to open .doc

    I'm not to sure about this because I do not know much about Master Documents. What I would do is contact Microsoft and see if there are any command line parameter, or anything like that, that you could use in order to automatically expand sub-documents.
    If there are command line parameters available, then simply use an EXECUTE PROGRAM action to launch WORD, and pass it the correct command line parameters and the full path to your Word document.
    As far as your PRINT question is concerned have you tried using the PRINT DOCUMENT action? Does this work, or do you get errors or incorrect functionality because you are using Master Documents?

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      Re: Using macro to open .doc

      Mark, thanks for your reply,Word has a command name:"Toggle Master Subdocs" for the modifier-key:"ctrl+\", but because of the size of the files 20+megs per,I may have to introduce a short delay between "open" and "Toggle Master Subdocs" for slower machines,
      Question: How can I (or can I)create this action on an "open file" object? p.s. I Know next to nothing about V.B.. again thanks,