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Running a batch file

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  • Running a batch file

    I've downloaded a test copy of Autoplay Menu and so far it looks good. One thing I need it to do is to run a batch file, which it does just fine, but I can't find a way to close the dos box once its done running. Is there a way to force the box to close WITHOUT user intervention?

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    Re: Running a batch file

    You should look at this post from the Setup Factory forum:
    The last post, from dallasfreak, discusses one method you can use to automatically close a DOS window once you are done with it. I have done a few tests using this method and it appears to work properly.

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      Re: Running a batch file

      Thank you Mark. I have found several ways around things in this program. One of them being drop down menus. Is their a way I could get a demonstration on how to do it to u, so that maybe I could get some tips on how to explain it a little easier? Right now it's more of a here look at this and change what needs to be changed. It's quite a simple workaround. My email is listen in my profile

      ***apologize for posting personal comments, not sure wher to post them though