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Big Trouble, Moderator help

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  • Big Trouble, Moderator help

    Whom it may concern
    Dear Sir,
    Today i downloaded ur autoplay program v3 off a site i found when searching on, what then happened, was that i installed it and then the registraion thing came up, i clicked on the link and it took me to a site, where i put in the information.
    When i pressed the button, it said it was a stolen code, so i got really scared,honesty believe me i just wanted to try it out because someone had told me that it was a great program.
    Honesty i don't want to get in trouble, i just did it because i was told it was a good program and i just wanted to check it out.
    Could u please answer quickly.

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    Re: Big Trouble, Moderator help

    I have passed your situation on to Ted. For future note to all people who wish to avoid legal problems only download our evaluation version off of our web site. . This is a fully featured evaluation version, The menus created will expire in time but your project files *.am3 can be reused if you should decide to buy the product. By purchasing our products you enable us to continue to produce industry leading development software.

    Adam Kapilik
    Indigo Rose Corporation