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  • Dallas Freak.....

    Okay I got the files, how do I check (with AMS)that they are on the users system.... then install them if not?



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    Re: Dallas Freak.....

    3 differnet ways

    1. u could run a search for file, and search specifically for that dll. if not found, run the exe. Have it do this automatically at project open. You need to search in windows.

    2. Have your men check th registry for a certain key. If it does not find it, have it run the install. After it is done, write an entry to the registry stating that it is installed. Next time when menu is run, it will check the registry for that entry, and if it finds it, it wont run the install again.

    3. The install is so small and fast, have the menu run it at project open, minimized, wait for return every time. Would slow menu execution by like half of a second if that much. If your menu does not need an install, this would probably be the preferred method.
    Easiest to code as well. If it does need an install, the actual commands to install it, (AMS might support it, I dont know for sure....MODS???), are

    c:\windows\rundll.exe with command line arguments: setupx.dll,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 c:\windows\mpeg4fix.inf

    c:\winnt\system\rundll32.exe with command line arguments: setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 C:\winnt\mpeg4fix.inf

    both the dll and inf need to be in the windows directory

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      Re: Dallas Freak.....

      But where is the install .exe?



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        Re: Dallas Freak.....

        should be in the 2nd email i sent. email if u did not recieve.