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  • Coasters

    Hiya Dudes....! can anyone explain to me in plain and simple English... i have made nothing but coasters with AMP,i can preview and build and all works fine but when i burn and test the CD all i get is these messages?
    D:\vitual cd-rom\my docs\morpheus_01.exe
    the specified file was not found, this message pops up no matter where i insert the .exe file, and this happens to all .exe's i place in AMP.. tried even just a browse action for all the programs i have burnt to CD, i am using W2K and Nero burning Rom, it is a great prog if i could get it to work that is.... thanx in advance?


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    Re: Coasters

    If you could post an actual path from your menu to the exe, it would help. What format are u buring cd in? Joliet, ISO Are u using as part of the path?
    Also what is the working directory?

    IE> Execute Program \my folder\my exe.exe

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      Re: Coasters

      unsure of what u mean?
      but from the actions i have taken this..
      and i use the Nero wizard to burn

      hope this helps ya....
      and many thanx for reply

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        Re: Coasters

        many thanx for thereply Dallasfreak....

        i have got is sussed out now... my own fault, i didn't specify a directory in the project settings......all is working fine...


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          Re: Coasters

          glad to hear that
          good luck with menu