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Video, in AND out of AutoPlay

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  • Video, in AND out of AutoPlay

    Yeah, this is a dead horse, but im going to post it anyway, cuz I can't seem to find a consensus on it....

    AVI video embeded within AMS doesnt work on all PC systems. Some codecs are not always present. What I hypothesize is this: Encode the AVI with a 32 Bit Cinepak by Radius codec and then call it as an external file; and let Windows use it's player to run it. If memory serves, this 32 bit Cinepak by Radius codec was installed with all Windows systems, 95 to present. Is this correct? Basically, Im trying to create a disc that has the most universal video format without having to download a player.

    FLIX, a new program which converts AVI & MOV to Flash, works great, however, high quality video isnt really possible without eating up to much ram. MOV needs a downloadable player, Real Media needs one too, and I havent quite mastered WMV. this the right step? Encode it with the 32 bit Cinepak, and it should run on all windows systems, 95 and up? Please, any definitive input is requested!


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    Re: Video, in AND out of AutoPlay


    Below is a post from Adam a while back, I hope it helps. I use the Intel IR32 and lower the quality to around 95%, 15 fps. Depending on how many video clips you use and the size will determine the output. I have just finished a CD for publication with 65 videos at 320x240 and it served its purpose very well. It seems to work well on 95,98SE and ME. We're starting to test on other systems now.

    Good luck.

    "The following Codecs ship with Windows:

    Intel Indeo (IR31 or IR32)
    Supermatch Cinepak
    Microsoft RLE (MS-RLE)
    Microsoft Video 1 (MS-CRAM)

    So unless the user has manipulates his/her system, These codecs will always work (even on a clean win95 system)



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      Re: Video, in AND out of AutoPlay

      I still believe in high quality cd -- high quality avi's. I have encoded my latest cd in MPEG Layer 4 V3 at 10 fps, 800*600 Res, 100% quality, 3000 bits per second. Very nice sharp quality. To get around compatibity issues (and for some added features of menu) I have a 192 meg install, with minimum of 3 megs (codecs and some others). I have created a very small install which can be ran at start of menu. takes 1 sec to run, but the payoffs are huge as far as quality. This install installs the mpeg4 codecs, and is compatiable on all versions of windows. With it only being 1.2 megs, the user is tottally uneffected by this, and if need be can uninstall it via an unistall option. If you need the higher quality avi's, i would strongly recommend this method. If quality isn't that big of an issue, and want a timplier menu, use the windows codecs.

      email [email protected] if u need the codecs.


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        Re: Video, in AND out of AutoPlay


        I appreciate your view regarding quality, not much of an argument for poor quality, but how long is your video? at 3000 bits per second? I would like to get 2+ hours of video (not graphic avi's) compressed and running well.

        What do you think?


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          Re: Video, in AND out of AutoPlay

          mine is only a 25 second video with sound. It has a lot of shattering and fire effects, lots of movement. currently sits at 2.5 megs. If wanted to go longer, I would use the DIVx codecs - 2 hr movie, compressed right, runs at 350 megs. above avg quality with compression