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Problems with email on AutoPlay

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  • Problems with email on AutoPlay

    when I create a AutoPlay menu, then try it out on another computer, I click on a link that should send email and I get a message "mailto: the specified file was not found."

    I burned everything up right I think because all my links to programs work.

    What am I overlooking?

    Thanks for your help all,


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    Re: Problems with email on AutoPlay

    I have seen this error before on some desktop enhancement programs that had a shortcut to the email program. According to the authors of the programs it was because the mail program you are using hasn't properly set itself up as the default mail program.

    This only happened when I used Netscape for my email. Once I switched over to Outlook Express, the problem went away. Do the computers your trying your menu on use Netscape?


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      Re: Problems with email on AutoPlay

      No they don't actually.

      All outlook comps. Even if it isn't the default mail client, it should still open the program that is associated with email.

      I can't think of the problem.


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        Re: Problems with email on AutoPlay

        what is set up to send email? If you open up IE, go to Tools, then Internet Options Then Programs, what does it say next to email?
        What happens if you click on Mark or Adams name in the upperleft of this window? Will something open up to them, or is it the same error? If it opens up for them, it's your menu that is wrong. If it gives u same error when u click their name, its your puter

        **mark and Admas' names are back one screen at the beginnning of this forum***

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          Re: Problems with email on AutoPlay

          Yes, I do have Outlook set to my email client for my IE browser. If i click on an email link from IE, it will open up Outlook.

          I don't know what is the deal.



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            Re: Problems with email on AutoPlay


            I figured it out this time. I was wrong. I though I had the comps. mail client set to Outlook Express, but I actually had it set to Microsoft Outlook. I guess I was moving too fast. Thank you everyone who provided suggestions. Thanks for your help!