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Using AniRez and its effect on ME

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  • Using AniRez and its effect on ME

    Does anyone out there that is using AniRez have the problem that if you try to use the .exe to resize your screen resolution from, lets say 800 X 600 to 1024 X 768, that when it gets resized, the Windows Taskbar appears really high on the screen. I've noticed this on 2 different machines with ME but on none that have 95 or 98. Can I fix this problem? Any suggestions?

    thanks for your help all,


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    Re: Using AniRez and its effect on ME

    u might try using the registry to set taskbar to autohide, then resize it, then of course once menu is done, un auto hide the task bar. exact registry values im not sure where they are, will look once get to a me box. i would do a search in registry for autohide.
    what happens if task bar is on right hand side of screen or top?


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      Re: Using AniRez and its effect on ME

      Hi Dallas,

      Thank you for your continuing support.

      Dallas, since I am not AT ALL familiar with the workings of the registry (I would really love to know how to work with it using AMS 3) I have no idea how do search or set anything up in that area.

      I haven't tried it if the taskbar is on the top or side.

      I'll try it.

      Please get back to me if you can help with this.