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How to make a selection stay highlighted

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  • How to make a selection stay highlighted


    What you could do is have two IMAGE OBJECTS for each link to your MP3 files. One that is the "normal" image, and one that is the "highlighted" image. On the PAGE OPEN event you will hide all of the "highlighted" IMAGE OBJECTS, so that when the page first loads it will appear normal.

    Then when the user selects a link you will have to:

    1) Hide all the "highlighted" IMAGE OBJECTS (if they are already hidden this will not do anything)
    2) Show all of the “normal” IMAGE OBJECTS
    3) Hide the “normal” IMAGE OBJECTS associated with the “current” link
    4) Show the "highlighted" IMAGE OBJECT associated with the “current” link

    Note: The “normal” and “highlighted” IMAGE OBJECTS, for each link, will have to be directly on top of each other.

    You might have to play around with this method in order to fully understand it, but it should give you the functionality that you desire.

    As for your "Now Playing" window, you should look into using variables. Take a look at the "Multiple Pages" Project Template.

    Notice, on the first page, how the text on the right of the screen changes when the mouse hovers over the TEXT OBJECT on the right? Basically all that is happening here is the value of the variable %InfoVar% is being set. Use this method in order to set a "Now Playing" variable.

    Then display that “Now Playing” variable in a SHOW MESSAGE dialog or on the current page like the “Multiple Pages” template.

    More information on setting variables can be found here:

    MSI Factory The Next Generation Intelligent Setup Builder

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    Re: How to make a selection stay highlighted

    create an object for your highlighted selection, like text or image - whichever you want. call this "highlight choice 1". when user clicks on selection he wants to play, have it show your "highlight choice 1" object. when user clicks on differnt selection, have it hide "hightlight choice 1" object and show new object "highlight choice 2"

    to have it show up in a different location 2 ways
    do the first way previous mentioned again, or something easie might be to have it so that when u click on a selection, it assigns a variable %selection%, the name u want displayed. Then wherever you want ur text object to be displayed (the name of the song selected), just dreate the text of
    %selection%. it will only show the value of
    %selection% which will change as user selects differnt songs

    I use both ways in my menus


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      Re: How to make a selection stay highlighted

      easier to understand explanation -- u rock MARK


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        How to make a selection stay highlighted

        I have a list of MP3 songs on a page.
        As one is selected, I would like the line which the selection appears to remain Highlighted until the next selection is made.
        How do I do that.
        Along the same lines, how do I make the contents of the selected line appear in a text window or somewhere else on the page when selected. Sorta like a "now playing" window?


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          Re: How to make a selection stay highlighted

          thanks guys...all this helps tremendously!