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How to make a self-running demo?

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  • How to make a self-running demo?

    I have several pages in my AMS prog.
    Each page has a correspinding MP3 file.
    How can I have the MP3 file start to play as soon as the page appears, then have the next page advance when the previous MP3 is finished?
    Too much for AMS?

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    Re: How to make a self-running demo?


    One suggestion is to do a search on this forum for answers to questions before you post. You'll find many already answered questions and save yourself time. Click on search in the right hand corner and type in a term or phrase.

    In the meantime, there are two ways to accomplish what you're asking: 1. using page properties (simply have the mp3 play on page open and jump to page__ on finish) or 2. object properties (having the mp3 play on mouse click and jump to page at finish).

    You'll find AMS is quite a capable program. Good luck.


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      Re: How to make a self-running demo?

      Thanks Michael...I'll try to "ferret" a littl better next time.


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        Re: How to make a self-running demo?

        Ooops, spoke too soon.
        I got the part about "play on open" but where do I make it "Jump to page on finish"?
        Don't see the "on_finish" thing anywhere.


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          Re: How to make a self-running demo?

          Got it working for u
          AMS does not support this but it works. I took a 6sec wav (coulda been mp3) and made an avi out of it. This AVI had no video at all, just audio. This was done using personal avi edito. (It gave me errors each time and would crash, but the avi was made) Then on the menu I created an AVI object that on finish would jump to the next page. It works just the way u want it to. Plays the wav, then advances to next page. For a sample, email me and ill give u the download location for it. Or jsut try it. Once you get the AVI's it's very easy.
          PS I did have to shrink the avi object in AMS to like 1 pixel large. Otherwise it would flash a black box for a brief fraction of a second. If U have a black background, or some location that is black, this would be the best location for it.


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            Re: How to make a self-running demo?

            An even better idea, why bother changing your wav to an avi when you can simply select a wav anyway by saying ALL FILES instead of just AVI FILES when you insert an AVI OBJECT - Works the same. Gave me some ideas too.

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