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  • Nothing works?

    i have been using AMS Demo for a few weeks now, and all was working fine after i had sussed all the settings out?, i have made and burned 2 working CD'S great they are too..
    But now when i build a new project and test it be4 burning i get the error "The specified file was not found" when i click on a link to a program or text file, i have made no changes to wot was working be4.... for some reason nothing is working at all in AMS ..... the virtual Cd is still as always in PROJECT/SETTINGS C:\OUTPUT
    ev'rything previews and burns no probs, but the done article is no use at all
    Anyone have any ideas.....???
    thanx in advace

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    Re: Nothing works?

    could u post the exact link that u use as well as wher that file is located on ur drive in relation to the menu. also what is the working directory of the exe?


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      Re: Nothing works?

      not quite sure as to what u mean?
      could u please elaborate for this little old dimwit....LOL


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        Re: Nothing works?

        i have sinced noticed that the link is showing up as %srcdrv% only and not as
        %srcdrv%\output\readme.txt as it was when all was working.
        and the working directory is c:\output and that is where the .exe is located...?
        could there be something wrong with the settings????


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          Re: Nothing works?

          execute command should look like this:

          where FILE.EXE is the name of executable, and FOLDER is the name of folder it is located in. %SRCDRV% is of course the cdrom drive variable where AMS is located

          what does your menu say?


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            Re: Nothing works?

            below is an example

            file name: %SrcDrv%\readme.txt
            working Dir %SrcDrv%

            for some reason it wont recognise the working directory, i have tried several other Dir without success

            hope this make sense to u???


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              Re: Nothing works?

              i just created a sample menu using exactly those variables and it works just fine in both preview and build faze. even when copied it to different location. You do have it set to run Normal and no booleans right? Besides that it should work. The only other things to check would be laguages and operating systems. If it still wont work, u can email it to me, and ill take a look at it for u


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                Re: Nothing works?

                Many thanx for taking the time to help me, i have checked all settings and they appear to be fine, it works in prview but not on the build?, and i have noticed that i have one of my own icons showing in preview but not on the build? this is wierd as i have formatted and reinstalled windows 2000, so there should be no icons of mine showing at all??, also the AMS don't work under Win98 either!!! i am at a loss here as 2 wot to do?


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                  Re: Nothing works?

                  checked the am3 file, and changed SRCDRV to SRCDIR and it works fine.. It would run fine as long as it was in the root directory., jsut not any place else. SRCDIR, would run either place.


                  AMS always defaults to SRCDRV. With SRCDIR supporting both options, wouldnt it be better to have that be the default, and let users speicfy the drive when needed.


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                    Re: Nothing works?

                    This is getting weirder by the day?
                    i can create a link to the C:\output Directory and make that link play an MP3 file..but when i create another link to the same output folder containg a .Txt file then i get the error c:\readme.txt the specified file was not found, but it is in the same folder next to the MP3 file.....!
                    something ain't right somewhere or i am missing something here?


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                      Re: Nothing works?

                      Doogieman have you looked at this knowledge base article: it might help you to understand this process.

                      One thing to remember is that if it works in Preview mode, it will work when your burn it to your CD-ROM. This does not mean that it will work if you try to execute it off of your hard drive.

                      For example:

                      1) I set my Virtual CD-ROM to "C:\Output", and I have a file called: MyTest.txt located in that directory: "C:\Output\MyTest.txt".

                      2) I reference the file like this in AutoPlay: "%SrcDrv%\MyTest.txt".

                      3) Remember that in PREVIEW %SrcDrv% gets set to the value of your Virtual CD-ROM, BUT after a full build %SrcDrv% get set properly: to the "Source Drive".
                      So when I preview with the above settings %SrcDrv% gets set to: "C:\Output". Then when I build it to my hard Drive (C:\), and run my menu, %SrcDrv% gets set to: "C:"

                      4) Then when I preview my menu "%SrcDrv%\MyTest.txt" gets expanded to: "C:\Output\MyTest.txt".
                      When I run my Menu off of the C:\ drive (after a full build) "%SrcDrv%\MyTest.txt" gets expanded to: "C:\MyTest.txt".
                      Since “MyTest.txt” does not exist in “C:\MyTest.txt” I get an error when I try to run off of my hard drive. This is the same reason that you are getting an error.

                      This is not a “bug” in AutoPlay; it is simply the way the variables work.

                      %SrcDrv% is the “Source Drive” the ROOT of the drive that your AutoPlay Menu is running on. In Preview mode this variable is set to the value of your Virtual CD-ROM

                      %SrcDir% is the “Source Directory” the directory that your AutoPlay Menu is running in.

                      Now the reason that your MP3 file worked and you got error with your TEXT file is because MP3 files are automatically stored in your DATA directory, unless your use a PLAY MP3 REFERENCE.

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