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    I'm trying to create a menu i can share out across the network, but in same token, make it so no one can copy it, and take home for personal use. I have decided to go by rout of using a variable defined in an ini file to check if the menu is on the network or not. I want to share this file out on a different computer and have AMS read the file and check for the variable. if not found it would exit the menu. Now the question is, can AMS be set up to run across a network in the manner?

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    Re: network use menu


    Running AMS across a network is not a problem. What I do at work is to use UNC paths (ie: \\server\vol1\apps), that way you don't have to worry about network drive letters. About protecting it from someone copying it and taking it home, if you used UNC paths, that user would have to match your server's name to make it work. That may be too much of a hassle. I guess you could also make it check a file or variable in such a way that if that file/value is not found or valid, it would not show an error message with the name of the file it could not find or check.
    Additional tip: Use %SrcDir% instead of %SrcDrv%, that way you can put your menu anywhere. This also allows you to test it from anywhere.


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      Re: network use menu

      we have to have mapped drives up at work, so searched deep in one, and found an ini file. using a variable in it to check. yeah it may be possible to recreate, but doubt it. I tried pointing to my other box, but would not pull the variable off? just making it look direwctly on their mapped drives now.

      yeah i've been building my menu in a partition dedicated to the menu, so never realized bout srcdir till it was too late. now i would have to change over 500 variables -- too much hassel now. just making sure if they want to run the menu, then they have to map the drive themselves, or run a certain EXE which i will create later. I just wish SRCDIR would be the default instead of SRCDRV

      thanks for the tip though