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Problem editing property variable

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  • Problem editing property variable

    Anybody ever experience problems trying to edit the value of a text variable? Seems that lately when I click onto the line in the property value box, the text jumps a little bit to the right and I can't move my curser past the last character on the screen . . . although there are several more characters scrolled off to the right. First few times it happened, I thought that maybe I'd hit the upper limit on the number of characters allowed. Anyway, I can fully edit one variable and then have to save my project, exit out of Autoplay, and reopen the program to edit another value. I'm sure this isn't right as it's only recently started happening. I reuse templates quite a bit, is this a possible cause?

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    Re: Problem editing property variable

    This is a known deficiency. What happened is that AutoPlay was compiled with a different compiler that in some cases causes this problem. e-mail me and I'll send you a new executable.
    [email protected]

    P.S. Please include your serial number to verify that you own AutoPlay Menu studio.

    Adam Kapilik
    Indigo Rose Corporation