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  • Thanks

    AMS3 saved our project.
    And perhaps a job or two.

    One week before deadline:
    We realise that "the experts" who was to do the technical stuff were meddling with .bat-files. - And where generally not knowing what they where doing.

    Five days before deadline:
    Problems with using VB as a shell for a web-browser. VB abandoned.

    Three days before deadline:
    Delhi-strategy failed

    Two days before deadline:
    Tried at least 10 Autorun applications. None is up to the job. But this AMS 2 looked promising. Maybe there is an upgrade?

    Sleep needed!. Nightmare of endless loop, due to detection failure.
    I hate endless loop nightmares!

    Its now a month ago.
    Every evening I say:
    "Thank you, whoever is in charge, for another day gone, and still no repported problems." (I say it in Danish, though)

    %IEVersion% and %Java2Installed% could have sparred me many a restless night.
    This is meant in a constructive sence.
    The fact that I could build this installation in 2 days, with AMS2, speaks for itself.
    "The Experts" couldn´t solve it properly.
    ("Browser detection completed. You can close this window now" - is not satisfactory! The temporary MS-DOS window neither.)
    I think they used somewhere between a week and a month.

    Good job!

    Bjørn Rosell

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    Re: Thanks

    Hi Bjorn,

    Glad to see that everything worked out for you. It's always nice when we get to hear positive responses from our customers.

    Also, thanks for your suggestions regarding built-in variables; I have already added them to our suggestions database.

    Hopefully AutoPlay Menu Studio will continue to be a useful tool for you.


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