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AutoPlay for mac?

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  • AutoPlay for mac?


    Is anyone familiar with: "CDEveryWhere" software? It claims (see below) to create your CD image so that it can be played on pc and mac platforms. Uses iso.

    Is this a possibility for AutoPlay Menu? Just asking.

    (their ad:
    CDEveryWhere TM creates one CD image for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh and Unix.

    The image can be used to create a master CD or simply burn to a CD to share information between different platforms.

    Create a Macintosh disc without a Macintosh or a Macintosh hard drive, CDEveryWhere creates the entire Macintosh disc for you!)

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    Re: AutoPlay for mac?


    No activity on this question? Maybe I should have posted the url for this sofware.

    Here it is:

    Try that. As I have thought about it (seems like i'm the only one) the built-in player for avi files, most likely will not work. (assumption) and a player for macs should be installed on the mac user's machine. Do macs play avi's? They have QT. So, probably a pop up player might solve that piece. Mac user can use IE 5, wonder if that comes with mediaplayer?


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      Re: AutoPlay for mac?


      For starters MAC will not read the autorun.inf file so there will be no autoplay menu when the CD is inserted into the drive. Also I am almost positive that a menu created with AutoPlay Menu studio will not run in MAC anyway. I do not have access to a MAC machine to test on, maybe someone else does????

      Adam Kapilik
      Indigo Rose Corporation


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        Re: AutoPlay for mac?

        well, I know a little bit about this issue.

        First of all, PC Everywhere looks like it's only a CD burning program.

        I have created hybrid CD on a Mac before using Toast. It does the same thing as PC Everywhere. It can create the cd so that PC will only see certain files and MAC will see other files. Also, you can click on the autoplay option and make a program starts automatically when a CD is inserted on a MAC. For example, I can make a QT movie starts playing as soon as someone inserts the CD on a MAC. It looks like PC Everywhere may be able to do something similar and burn the CD on the PC instead of a Mac. I'll find out more about this and tell you what I found.


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          Re: AutoPlay for mac?

          Forgot to mention this, the Menu you created with AutoPlay Menu Studio will probably won't show up on a MAC. It's a PC program itself.

          You will be trying to run a PC program on a MAC.

          If you want to create something similar, you may want to try to create a Projector file in Mac.

          One way or the other. Create a hybrid CD so that the PC users won't see the Mac files and the Mac users won't see the PC files or it will be super messy.