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how about checking windows media player versions???

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  • how about checking windows media player versions???

    Alright, I've read the stuff about installing quicktime and haveing ams check quicktime versions, so how about Windows Mediaplayer? As some of you may know, they just updated it to 7.1 and some of the newer windows media encoded files (.wmv or avis with the microsoct "mpeg4" v3 compression) require the new codecs of 7.1 and 7. So, how can it be done. Windows Mediaplayer is more integrated into windows than quicktime or real are, so does that make a difference? Some of the new Windows Mediaplayer codecs are really pretty nice so using them for video on cd-rom would be a really neat thing to do? So how can it be achieved? I'll make do with quicktime if necessary, its a good app, but some of the high compression Win Mediaplayer offers is really cool. Just my opinion. If worse comes to worse I pack quicktime and use mpeg 1 video. Won't hurt me a bit, but if someone knows a way I'd like to hear it. Thanks and THANK THE FATES SUCH A TOOL EXISTS AS ASM3.0!!!!!

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    Re: how about checking windows media player versions???

    Check the 'Multiple Pages' template in the Project dropdown, under 'Template Gallery'.
    On the page named 'Additional Software', double-click the 'Search for Adobe Acrobat' text object to open the Text Object Properties box. Left click on the 'Search for File' action and modify the File Name from AcroRd32.exe to mplayer2.exe, and the Priority Path to c:\Program Files\Windows Media Player.

    Run it, and you should see your version. That is my guess...

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