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How can I use variables?

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  • How can I use variables?

    How can I use variables among objets?

    For example,

    I have 3 different videos and 2 link words.

    Each of the 2 word will link to each of the videos.

    The third video is intermediate, something like "Wait" (it will always play no matter which link word is clicked).

    The idea is that the intermediate video will end playing and will open one of the 2 other videos depending on what link word the user clicked on.

    I hope I've explain cleasrly

    Thank you all.

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    Re: How can I use variables?


    What you could do is set a variable depending on which link the user clicked on.

    So lets say you have two videos: VID1.AVI and VID2.AVI, and you also have two Links: "Play Vid1" and "Play Vid2". You would have to add an ASSIGN VALUE action to the "Play Vid1" and "Play Vid2" objects.

    The ASSIGN VALUE action would look something like this for "Play Vid1":
    Name: %Vid%
    Value: Vid1

    And like this for "Play Vid2":
    Name: %Vid%
    Value: Vid2

    Then on your Intermediate AVI VIDEO OBJECT, Video Finish Event, add two PLAY AVI VIDEO actions, they will basically look like this:

    1) Object Name: %SrcDrv%\Video\Vid1.AVI
    Boolean Condition: %Vid% = Vid1
    2) Object Name: %SrcDrv%\Video\Vid2.AVI
    Boolean Condition: %Vid% = Vid2

    Now whenever the Intermediate AVI VIDEO OBJECT finishes playing either Vid1.AVI or Vid2.AVI will start playing, depending on the value of %Vid%.


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      Re: How can I use variables?

      I have done what you told me, but I am unable to manually write the names :


      on the Finish Video Event as you've said, it just let me choose an objet from the drop down list, but doesn't allow me to put a custom name as I said before, the only thing i can do is to choose just Vid1 or Vid2 and this way the links don't work at all.

      What can I do?

      We are using different version of AM perhaps?
      Mine is v3.0.0.2

      Sorry to bother you again.

      Reply me if you know what happen.

      Thank you very much.


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        Re: How can I use variables?

        Sorry that was my fault; actually all you should put in your PLAY AVI OBJECT action is the AVI OBJECT name.
        You mentioned that it did not work when you just used the AVI OBJECT name, what is the value of %Vid% at that time? In order to see what the value of %Vid% is simply create a TEXT OBJECT with %Vid% as the text.
        There is also an update available to version, you can download it from here:


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