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Forcing a QT movie plays in QT5

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  • Forcing a QT movie plays in QT5

    I read about the tutorial on this site but I have a question I'm not sure about. Is it possible to make a QT movie opens in QT player version 5? instead of the default media player??? using Auto Menu Studio?
    This means AMS has to determine the correct directory of where QT is installed on the local hard drive.
    If QT5 (or 4) isn't installed on the local harddrive, AMS can then popup a QT installer menu. After QT is installed, can AMS makes sure the QT movie will be opened in the QT player (instead of the media player) even if the user chooses not to associate the .mov with QT????

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    Re: Forcing a QT movie plays in QT5


    QuickTime makes an entry into the AppPaths section of the registry so you can launch QuickTime by simply pointing and EXECUTE PROGRAM action at: "QuickTimePlayer.exe"

    So what you could do in order to make sure that your movie launches in QuickTime is launch QuickTime and pass it the full path to your movie as a command line parameter.
    Your EXECUTE PROGRAM action would look something like this:

    File Name: QuickTimePlayer.exe
    Arguments: "%SrcDrv%\Quick Time\"
    (Note: You will need quotes around your argument if there is going to be a space in it.)

    Then all you have to do is figure out if the user has QuickTime installed on their system; you can use the built-in variable %QTVersion% in order to calculate this. (Note: You much first initialize this variable under Project -> Settings)

    So before your EXECUTE PROGRAM action that plays your movie, have another EXECUTE PROGRAM actions that launches the QuickTime installer, with "Wait for Return" checked. Then give this EXECUTE PROGRAM action the Boolean condition that: "%QTVersion < 500".

    So if the user has any version of QuickTime (including none) earlier the 5.00 the QuickTime installer will launch and install QuickTime. Then after the installation is complete, your movie will launch in QuickTime.

    Try this out, you might have to play around with a few settings (for example you might want to assign this Boolean condition: “%QTVersion% >= 500” to your second EXECUTE PROGRAM actions), but it should work properly for you.


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      Re: Forcing a QT movie plays in QT5

      Okay, this makes sense, but I have one more problem for you guys. The downloaded quicktime version of five (the one thats freely distributable) needs to download components from the net. This is not always a good option. Is there somewhere apple has posted and complete install that doesn't need an Internet connection? People get unhappy when they have to download quicktime for fifteen minutes after putting your cd-rom in. Anybody have an answer?


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        Re: Forcing a QT movie plays in QT5


        Search on and you'll find a bunch of different download sites for the full version. Also check Tucows.

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          Re: Forcing a QT movie plays in QT5

          You can download the standalone installer directly from apple>