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Exiting AMS only once application is visible

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  • Exiting AMS only once application is visible

    Is it possible to have AMS launch an application and remain visible and active until the application comes up and is visible? Once the application (e.g. video starts playing) then the menu shuts down. The video cannot be played within AMS so I am using it outside of AMS, and so using AMS as a splash page.

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    Re: Exiting AMS only once application is visible

    There is no way to force AutoPlay to "wait" until an application has fully loaded.
    What you might do (if you know how) is write a quick VB or VC++ application that will only run for about 5 seconds. This app could be a dialog that said "Please Wait" or a process that runs with no display.
    Then in AutoPlay you would start your movie, launch your application with "wait for return checked", and then have a CLOSE/EXIT action to exit your AutoPlay Menu.
    The net result will be AutoPlay starting your movie, waiting for five seconds, and then quitting.
    You will have to play around with the timing of you app so that it approximately matches the "launch time" of your movie.

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      Re: Exiting AMS only once application is visible

      Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your reply. The problem is that the timing will differ from system to system.
      I tried something similar by having a hidden avi playing on the screen for a few seconds and then applied an exit action on video finish.
      Thanks for your reply.