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Functions that work in WIN2k but not 95/98

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  • Functions that work in WIN2k but not 95/98

    I have an almost complete Autoplay CD that works great in Windows 2000 but has 2 problems when run on win 95/98.

    Problem 1: I used a small 5 second silent wave file and embedded it on an intro page so that after the 5 seconds were up the user would go to the next page. Works in 2k not in 95/98.

    Problem 2: I used Microsoft MPG4 codec v2 avi files for some hi-end animations in the project. In Win2k when these finish it goes to the next page, in 95/98 I get video but no audio and the page does not forward.

    We have about 4 months of work in this project for a national client but can't wrap it up until this is solved. I have exhausted all my options and any help would be appreciated. Matching codecs have been installed on both systems.

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    Re: Functions that work in WIN2k but not 95/98


    1) Do any other sounds interrupt your intro WAV? Are their any other sounds on the intro page? If there are, make sure that they are MP3 sounds and not WAV sounds.

    Try using a five second blank AVI video instead of a WAV file.

    2) One thing I would do, with the AVI videos, is not use V2 AVI's. In actuality I would use one of the standard Windows CODECS (these are recommended):
    - Intel Indeo (IR31 or IR32)
    - Supermatch Cinepak
    - Microsoft RLE (MS-RLE)
    - Microsoft Video 1 (MS-CRAM)

    If you do not use version 2 AVIs you will probably get sound.

    The reason that AutoPlay does not seem to be jumping to the next page is probably because the system is still performing some processing the AVI video. If you give it enough time it should jump to the next page.

    You should also look at what the settings for "avivideo" are in the SYSTEM.INI file on the WIN 95 and WIN 98 systems.


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      Re: Functions that work in WIN2k but not 95/98

      Thanks for your reply Mark.

      In win 98 SYSTEM.ini this is the setting:


      There is no equivelant in the sys.ini for 2000 that I can compare to. Is there a change I can make to this?

      About codecs, we are animating fairly complex mechanical parts in 3D Studio max. The only Codec that provides adequate quality at low enough bitrates to play smoothly from CDROM is MPEG4. The whole Autoplay work absolutely flawless in win 2k so I don;t think its an authoring issue as much as it is a difference in the way the two OS's handle AVI files.

      We have over 64 pages and 32 animations in both interactive and self running demo's. We played this at a majot trade show on WIN2k with no problem. Unfortunately all the field sales reps have laptops with 95/98.

      Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as changing codecs is not an option.


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        Re: Functions that work in WIN2k but not 95/98

        As a follow up mark, I searched the registry on the WIN2k machine and avivideo is set to mciavi.drv just like the 95/98 machine.


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          Re: Functions that work in WIN2k but not 95/98

          Ok I found the problem but still need a fix. We have an MP3 music file that runs in the background and starts automatically on hte launch screen. The user can toggle this on or off at any time. I stopped the music on the launch screen and launched one of the 4 product demo's and everything worked fine. Page links worked, animations played and naration in the AVI's worked. I then tried to start the music behind the animation narration it wouldn't start. It seems to be one or the other in win 95/98 but audio plays concurrently in WIN2k. So it seems to be some sort of multitasking/multiplexing issue as to how win 95/98 handles concurrent audio streams. Specifically when one is MP3 and the others are wav or embedded in AVI's. Thanks again and please let me know your suggestions.