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Next and Back Buttons.

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  • Adam
    Re: Next and Back Buttons.

    You can mimic this behavior by having multiple pages (identical accept for the image) then on each page you can make a next and back button.

    These buttons can be small images or text the action would be as follows:
    pages -> page forward/back

    also you could use a jump to page action then in the target you can enter variables for next and back.

    Adam Kapilik
    Indigo Rose Corporation

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  • photomaster3
    started a topic Next and Back Buttons.

    Next and Back Buttons.

    I'm just testing Your Autoplay Menu Studio.I'm very impressed and consider to buy it for commercial use. By now I would like to know if is it possible to create a "next" and "back" buttons to show numerous pictures on a single page, something like using JavaScript on HTML page ?