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  • Zip File Install & Modify

    Okay. Here's a better question.

    What are the values for modifying an ini file? From the modify dialogue box:

    1. Add Got that.
    2. File Name Got that, no problem.
    3. Section*
    4. Key*
    5. Value*
    6. Action Overwrite, got it.
    7. Seperator* (misspelled?) no clue on this.

    **The asterisks are where I need help. Can someone give an example of these.

    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, M.

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    Re: Zip File Install & Modify


    Basically everything that you asterisked depends on what, and where, you want to write you information.

    Here is some information from the help file:
    The section that the INI command will be applied to, such as [Fonts] or [Desktop]. Note that you must not include the "[ ]" brackets when specifying the section - they will be added for you. If the section does not exist in the INI file, it will be created for you.

    The key that will be used to reference the value contained in the section specified in Section above. If the key does not already exist in the section, it will be added to the section and associated with Value below. The Key is the left side of the "=" in an INI file (e.g. Key = Value).

    The string that will be associated with the key specified in Key above.

    The separator that will be used to separate the prepended or appended value.

    The separator will only matter if you are appending or prepending your value.

    Hopefully this information will help you.

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