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A few, possible simple questions

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  • A few, possible simple questions

    Hello ,
    I have a few questions, here they are
    1.Is it possible to set a desktop wallpaper from ams? ie I would like to have a couple of thumbs on a page and when user cliks on one it will set up a wallpaper on their desktop.
    2.How about a scrolling text box?
    3.Installing a screensaver with one click?
    4.Form that could be sent by e-mail?

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    Re: A few, possible simple questions


    I don't see how you could get AMS to change the wallpaper either. I would like to ask of you: Under what circumstances would you want to do this? I personally think that is very imposing on an end-user's system and would be upset if a program were to start changing "personal settings" on my computer.


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      Re: A few, possible simple questions

      And you can already do scrolling text boxes. Choose the Text Box icon, or select text box from the Object menu, or just hit CTRL-5.

      Look in the options area on the setting tab. You can also define your text and background colors, alignment, font, and just about anything else you could possibly want.


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        Re: A few, possible simple questions

        Maybe a few words of explanation;
        What I'm doing is a Cdrom presentation of my racing team, and on that cdrom I would like to offer few (tools,enchancements whatever you wanna call it) to users, there will be puzzle games, screen saver and wallpapers. NONE of this options will be installed to end user without their knowledge. All I want to know is, if those things are possible. Ie.
        I will have a page lets say "goodies" where user can press a button and wallpaper of their choice will be installed etc... I hope this explanation clarifies the confusion.
        Once again
        here are a few of the screen shots of my project, comments, questions are welcome: