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    Is there anywhere to download new templates?

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    Re: Templates

    There is a link on the IR site to download templates, but the last time I looked the only one there was one that is now included in the program.

    I believe we had discussed having a place to post templates that we had created ourselves... I've done a few of my own and found it quite satisfying. Mabeck, if you check out the tutorial (on the knowledgebase page) regarding creating your own template, it's not that tough. I also found it one of the best ways to learn the guts of the program. Got real good with 'hide object'.

    The only problem with trying to share templates (aside from possible copyright issues) is that if your source files are in different locations than default, the transfered template file won't find them...

    Mods- might there be a utility to help package templates? I notice in the source for the "factory original" templates always references drive letter X:, while the .amt files from my templates reference my unusual drive schema... this wasn't addressed in the otherwise fine tutorial on the subject.

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