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Open WIN MP in full screen mode....

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  • Open WIN MP in full screen mode....

    Anyone know the command line arguments for opening a avi in fullscreen mode using Windows media player ..I'd guess it would look something like below....

    wmplayer.exe/full screen movie.avi

    Where can you learn more about Microsoft products command line arguments?

    thanks for any help....

    thanks alot!!!

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    Re: Open WIN MP in full screen mode....

    This might help

    ..I'd like to know how to show an AVI in its original designed-for (exported) size, say 640x480, or 800x600..rather than "full screen". I would like it to be just "full size", and also to play within IE or Netscape.

    BTW, I understand that Netscape maybe "slightly shrinks" the Windows Media player to the video's intended full size (say 800x600)- and the resultant video image itself would be slightly smaller, which would be a problem. Anyone seen this ever? (I'm trying to design for both browsers)

    Fullscreen would be "too big", in my case, and not exactly "full-size" would also be a problem (I'm using a video "screen capture" application and any shrinking at all would garble the screen text)

    Any other thoughts or experience around this?
    TIA for any input.