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Detecting MpgPlayer.exe file

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  • Detecting MpgPlayer.exe file

    I need help please. I manage to make Search For File action that search fore MpgPlayer.exe file.
    But I do not manage to hide a ”Install MPEG Player text box”, if AutoPlay detect that the end user has a MpgPlayer.exe file installed.

    Can anyone explain how to do this?


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    Re: Detecting MpgPlayer.exe file

    When you have searched for the MpgPlayer.exe file, you had likely stored the "full path" in the variable(if it is found) and put a default of something else, lets say you left it blank. After you have perfomed the search for the file, you want to go to Page Properties. Here you want to have a HIDE OBJECT Action(Text Box Object) with a condition based on the outcome of that variable.
    You want to hide the text if the executable was found. Therefore the condition would be:
    %SearchVar% not equal
    Where the second value is blank.

    This will Hide the Object if the executable is found.

    Hope this helps.


    Darryl Hnatiuk
    Indigo Rose Corporation

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