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Closing Multimedia

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  • Closing Multimedia

    I am fairly new to this but when my program starts I have an avi movie play in windows media player. When it is done, it doesn't close. Is there an action I can use to close it when it is done playing.
    Also, I have a bunch of screencams in my presentation and have the same problem. Please let me know if there is something I can do. Thanks

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    Re: Closing Multimedia

    This will depend on what version of Windows Media Player you are using and how you are opening this viewer. If you are launching the player with an EXECUTE PROGRAM Action and passing the media file as an argument, you can include options such as this for mplayer2.exe:

    So you could have an argument:
    /play /close C:\sample.mpg

    This differs with different versions. You will have to consult the documentation of each player to see what command line options it supports.

    Hope this helps.


    Darryl Hnatiuk
    Indigo Rose Corporation

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