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  • Roger The Shrubber
    Re: Stuff Missing

    I found an excellent utility that has solved this very problem. It's called Vsubst. It creates a virtual drive from any folder you choose. Start by creating a folder on your hard drive, then turn this into a virtual drive with Vsubst. Then point to this drive with Autoplay and build your project in there. You no longer have to worry if Autoplay is looking for the folder or the drive it's on.

    It's saved me from hours of headaches and best of all, it's free.

    look for it here -

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  • Celeste
    started a topic Stuff Missing

    Stuff Missing

    I attempted to build my cd and the autorun.inf file did not build on the root directory as expedted. Also any text or graphic which was hyperlinked to Open URL did not work either. Help! what's going on? Everything else worked fine.