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Questions on version3.0 Demo

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  • Questions on version3.0 Demo

    I have Autoplaymenu version 2.0
    Currently I am testing version 3.0.
    In V3.0:

    1. When I have a text box and have it load a text file at run time it doe snot work with the virtual CD-ROM folder (as %SrcDrv%\name.txt) But, when i type in the actual path (as c:\test\texts\name.txt) then it works ok. Is this a bug?

    Is this text refence system to load at run time capable of reading a txt file over the internet from a remote location if given the right URL and path?

    2. Is there any built variable for date functions? For example, I want to have a text object (or textbox what ever is appropriate) and populate the text field with the current date and time at run time.(as read from the machine on which the exe is running).

    3. Also is IndigoRose planning to have Image objects to load Images at run time?