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  • SP & Reboot....

    I need to check for a service pack before proceeding with an installation in both Windows 2000 (SP2), and Windows NT (SP 6a). If the service packs are not there - I want to give an option to the user to initialize the required SP ( I have included them in the CD), THEN continue with the installation. I know this would be best executed if the SP is not there with a dialog box, where No would exit the program, and Yes would allow SP to initialize.

    1. How am I assured that the SP is/not there? (I assume ONE of the many reg entries... just not sure which one is best for all systems.)
    2. Once SP is installed, how do I make sure my installation can proceed after re-boot "seamlessly"? (Can AutoPlay re-initialize upon re-boot, without having the user manually open and close the CD-Drive ?)

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    Re: SP & Reboot....

    Just a word of warning, I don't know who you are distributing the CD's to, but I hope it's not the general public as MicroSoft's licenses clearly forbid redistributing the service packs.

    All it takes is for the install to go wrong for one person, who then calls up MS support, explains what happened, and you're in a world of legal trouble....